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We are Qualified expert AC technicians at your service


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We are Qualified expert AC technicians at your service

If there’s one thing, we Miamians love, it’s our Air Conditioning. Air Conditioning in Miami is an absolute must during our long hot, humid summers. Without it, even simply sleeping can be difficult. That’s why 25 years ago, Air Solution and Repair set out to be the premier air conditioning repair company in Miami, and beyond!

Our AC technicians are highly qualified, experienced, and ready to solve your AC issues. Whether you’re looking for AC installation, AC repair, or simply looking for increased air quality—Air Solution and Repair should be your first call.

When you contact Air Solutions and Repair for your AC Repair Service in Miami, we will follow the following procedures.

(786) 864-0240
(786) 883-0399

When you contact Air Solutions and Repair for your
AC Repair Service in Miami, we will follow the following procedures.

01. Create an account, so we can keep a record of your call.

02. Identify the issue: We might give your quick solutions to your problems that might help your Ac to run again before a technician arrive.

03. Give you an idea of what the problem might be.

04. Schedule a technician, we are a 24-hour own technicians service.

04. Follow up with you to assure satisfaction.

Why Air Solution and Repair is Different?

We are an air condition repair company based in Miami; we know our city and our people. Therefore our team is trained to assure top quality service where our customers are always first.

Starting at your first call, we will assess you with identifying your problem, giving immediate solutions; maybe there is no need for a tech to be dispatched. And this is putting people first.

Our technicians are fully equipped. Each fleet is designated to carry essential tools to guarantee a solution in your first visit.

We constantly train our technicians to ensure they are updated with new solutions, new machines, parts, and more accessible solutions to well-known common issues.

Open 24/7 with office staff

How Can We Help You?

Commercial and Residential

Miami Residential Services

Any home installation, repair, or maintenance services that you need must be completed by a qualified commercial HVAC professional.

Miami Commercial Services

At Air Solution and Repair, we are ready to offer you the best HVAC solutions for your business or institution, providing you with the most qualified professionals technicians.

Miami New System Installation

If a system is more than a decade old and you are facing costly or frequent repairs, it may make sense to replace the system instead.


If one of your refrigeration units isn’t functioning properly, issues like food spoilage can cost a few thousand dollars in loss, besides workflow disruption, and quality loss.

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Our staff is standing by to answer your questions. If you’d like to book a consultation, please feel free to reach out anytime! We take pride in our friendly staff, and our ability to solve your ac problems!

We proudly serve the following cities:


High-end companies require high-end assistance

Our first-class custom kits and packaging mirror the premium brands with whom we partner, and each of our luxurious solutions is uniquely tailored to connect.

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