A properly functioning refrigeration system plays a key role in a business’s finances.

If one of your refrigeration units isn’t functioning properly, issues like food spoilage can cost a few thousand dollars in loss, besides workflow disruption, and quality loss.

When you experience any issues with refrigeration at your business, make sure you call professionals like us.

At Air Solution and Repair, we offer a variation of refrigeration solutions such as: Freezer, Cooler, Walk-In Cooler, Ventilation, Ice Machine; plus installation, maintenance, and repair.

Our Solutions (Installation, maintenance, repair service and rental):

Commercial Ice Maker

Cubelet Icemaker, Air-cooled, Built in Storage Bin

• Dimensions: 34-1/16″ W x 28-1/2″ D x 48-1/16″ H
• Up to 708 lbs of ice produced per 24 hours
• Up to 95 lbs of built-in storage capacity (3.2ft3)
• Produces small cubelet nugget-style ice
• Durable stainless steel exterior
• Place on countertop or optional stand: SD-700, SD-750
• Push button operation that dispenses ice or water
• CleanCycle24™ – it performs a 2 second purge every hour to clean itself
• Protected by H-GUARD Plus Antimicrobial Agent
• R-404A refrigerant (1 lbs. 10 oz. / 737 g)
• Heat Rejection: 6900 BTU/hr
• Ambient temperature range: 45 – 100°F
• Water temperature range: 45 – 90°F
• Water pressure: 10 – 113psig
• Voltage range: 104 – 127V
• 13 amps (20 Amp Max fuse)
• 5.10 kwh/100 lbs.@ 90/70
• Single phase, 115v/60/1
• Clean ice and easy maintenance lead to longer unit life span
• Three Years: Parts & Labor warranty on entire machine. (Serial numbers VxxxxxJ and after).
• Five Years: Parts warranty on Compressor, air-cooled condenser coil.

Exhaust Hood Fantec

Shell 15" Belt Drive Upblast Fan Shell, LMD (Shell Only)

This is a SHELL product. Compatible motors and drive-packs can be found in accessories.

• All ventilators are listed UL 705 for electrical and UL 762 for restaurantexhaust in USA only
• Models 5DBU10 - 5BDU24 are suitable for wall application
• Inlet temperatures up to 300°F
• Fully welded windband
• Externally cooled motor compartment

Belt-drive upblast ventilators are designed for roof mounted exhaust of commercial and industrial buildings. There models are both for roof and wall application (except 5BDU30 and 5BDU36). Durable spun aluminum construction with steel support braces. Backward inclined aluminum fan wheel. Motor and wheel are easily detachable without removing ventilator from curb. Permanently lubricated ball bearings (5BDU10 - 5BDU13) and regreasable pillow block bearings (5BDU15 - 5BDU24).

walk-in freezer Walk-in coolers

We offer a complete line of refrigeration products, from the smallest unit to the very largest. At Air Solution and Repair we offer Trenton Refrigeration products, plus the experience and quality guaranteed to the refrigeration industry personnel. For installation, repair, and service we are your South Florida refrigeration experts.

Make sure to identify the signs when your refrigeration system needs to be inspected.

These signs can be: ice buildup, temperature drops, and extrange noises. Also, if your refrigerator has more than 10 to 15 years of use, you should keep a closer eye on its performance. Units of this age are much more likely to have issues, and you want to be sure you catch any problems early before you’re left with no working refrigerator. If you’re worried about the age of your system, contact Air Solution and Repair today, and we’ll come to take a look.

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