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Air conditioners, like all home appliances, have a limited lifespan.

Sometimes it’s easy to postpone air conditioning replacement in hopes that the unit will make it “one more summer.” In other cases, performing regular air conditioning maintenance can prolong the life of a system as well. Eventually, however, an air conditioning system must be replaced. When that time comes, contact Air Solution and Repair for a quality, cost-effective solution.

An air conditioning system that has been regularly maintained can be expected to last about 15 years. If a system is more than a decade old and you are facing costly or frequent repairs, it may make sense to replace the system instead. Developments in high-efficiency air conditioning can result in significant energy savings, which will decrease your monthly expenditure immediately.

One way to make the comparison between an older unit and a new one is by looking at its SEER rating. The newest air conditioners on the market today boast SEER ratings of 14 or higher. This is another measure of how you can gain with a higher efficiency model.
Older air conditioner units that use R22 Freon should also be replaced as the United States government is phasing out Freon as an energy-saving measure. Costs of the Freon itself are skyrocketing as a result, increasing the cost of running your older unit.

In some cases, an air conditioning system may not be cooling properly. Perhaps an addition to the home increased the cooling area and the existing system simply cannot handle the new volume. By working with your air conditioning service and repair partner, you can ensure that summers stay comfortable and safe.

When it’s time to invest in air conditioning replacement for any of these reasons, call us to help you at (786) 231-1234. Air Solution and Repair will take the time to gather all the necessary measurements in a home before suggesting the best air conditioner for you. We will measure each room, including floors, ceilings and walls, as well as check windows and insulation levels around the home. It’s important to take into consideration how many people are usually in the home, the indoor temperatures preferred and the outdoor average temperatures in the area, roof material and color, and the amount of shade provided by trees or other structures outside. All these details are critical in selecting the best air conditioning system.

We’ll make sure you take these final steps to optimize your investment.

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As your air conditioning service and repair partner:

We will also take time to examine your home’s duct work as well as suggest and make repairs before installing a new air conditioning system.

Air flow is important to proper operation of an air conditioning system and efficient cooling of a home. Finally, our professionals will suggest the best place to install a new air conditioning unit for efficiency by keeping it out of direct sunlight and surrounded by plenty of space for air circulation. You’ll also want it installed in a way so that cleaning coils, making repairs, changing filters and other air conditioning maintenance can be easily performed.

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