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Annual Residential Maintenance Program


Regular maintenance to your AC will reduce unplanned repairs, ensure safe operation, extend equipment life, and improve efficiency. If anything breaks, while you are on our program, we will visit you at no additional charge. Don’t wait until you have a problem!


Decreses Equipment Downtime


Extends Operation Lifetime


Residential Maintenance Plan

IMPORTANT: Annual Maintenance is REQUIRED for your manufacturer's warranty.

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1st. System $185 | Additional System $120

The Importance of HVAC Maintenance

Monthly Bills

If your system is in need of maintenance, it may not operate properly. Regular maintenance helps keep it running efficiently, keeping your utility bills in check.

Air Quality

The air inside your home is greatly affected by your HVAC system. A clean unit reduces the chances of respiratory issues for your family.


A properly maintained HVAC unit can last more than 10 years. Ignoring maintenance can mean you have to buy a new system sooner.


A system that malfunctions or is dirty won't be as efficient. An efficient system Works better, and is better for the evironment and your wallet.

The benefits of regularly
Scheduled HVAC Maintenance

Air Quality

A clean unit reduce the chance of respiratory issues for your family.

Problems and Issues

During maintenace , the technician can identify potential problems and correct them before they become serius and costly.

Discounted Pricing

Comfort Membership offers reduced reduced prices on parts and labor, as well as new technology and needed repair services.

Priority Service

Customers with the Comfort Club Membership Will always be our first priority. We guarantee service within 24 hours.

Maintenance Report

The HVAC contractor Will provide with documentation to show that air conditioner systems have been claeaned and inspected.

Schedule Service Reminders

With a Comfort Club membership, we notify our customers in advance to Schedule their unit’s service before the rush.