Any commercial installation, repair, or maintenance services that you need must be completed by a qualified commercial HVAC professional.

At Air Solution and Repair, we are ready to offer you the best HVAC solutions for your business or institution, providing you with the most qualified professionals technicians.

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When it’s time to invest in air conditioning replacement for your business or institution, Air Solution and Repair will take the time to gather all the necessary measurements in a building before suggesting the best air conditioner for you.

We will measure each room, including floors, ceilings and walls, as well as check windows and insulation levels around the building. It’s important to take into consideration the total capacity of the building, the indoor temperatures preferred and the outdoor average temperatures in the area, roof material and color, and the amount of shade provided by trees or other structures outside. All these details are critical in selecting the best air conditioning system. Let us help!

air solution repair miami


An efficient Air Conditioning system may not only be about comfort, but also about health and wellness. Heat stroke and heat exhaustion can be life-threatening situations, and with record temperatures in recent years, a working air conditioner becomes very important. When you are ready to hire a company for air conditioning service & repair in Miami and Broward, be sure to call Air Solution and Repair.

We like to advise our customers to have their air conditioner checked and maintained even if they are not having any problems. At Air Solution and Repair, we can provide this service.

As part of our AC service & repair offerings, we can come
and perform the following services:

Condenser Coils

These coils should be cleaned at least once a year, which will increase the unit’s efficiency and decrease your energy costs. It will keep your unit working better in the long-run.


By caring and maintaining all the moving parts of the air conditioning system, you can get rid of friction that can waste energy.

Ductwork Inspection

We can conduct a comprehensive examination of your ducts to check for places where you might be losing energy; and therefore, wasting money.

Blower Motor and Belt

Both these parts work hard during the summer season and should be inspected for wear and tear, repaired if needed and replaced if necessary.

Coolant Level

This should be checked regularly for the air conditioning unit to work at maximum efficiency.


Our professionals will check and calibrate your thermostat to ensure it is working properly.

Electrical System

By checking all the electrical connections to ensure they are tight and working correctly, we can be sure your system is running safely.

Live Healthier
Breathing good Quality Air.
We’ll help you

We believe in the benefits of breathing air without unwanted allergens, bacteria particulates, and VOCs; and living spaces that protect against harmful toxins and airborne irritants.


That Will help reduce the spread of Bacteria, germs and more.

By scheduling a professional check-up, you can avoid problems, gain energy efficiency, and lengthen the life of your air conditioning system.

The return on investment for regular maintenance well exceeds the cost of a check-up.

Be sure to call Air Solutions and Repair at (786) 692-1234.

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Air Solution and Repairs performs maintenance on many types of HVAC systems including roof top units, air handlers, humidifiers, air conditioners, make up air units, unit heaters, exhaust fans, ice machines, reach in refrigerators, walk in refrigerators, walk in freezers, cooling towers, and more. If you have any of these types of systems in Dade or Broward County, call Air Solution and Repair! To learn more about the maintenance, we perform and cost for a semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly maintenance program. Contact Air Solution and Repair through our online form or call us at (786) 692-1234.

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Due to growing concerns about indoor air quality, it’s easy to convince home and business owners that their ducts need cleaning. But unless ducts are dirty, there’s no reason to clean them. The EPA takes a similar stance on the issue, recommending cleaning only if the ducts and HVAC unit are contaminated.

If done properly, duct cleaning doesn’t hurt; but it’s not something that needs to be on your regular home maintenance list. You probably don’t need to have your ducts and HVAC system cleaned unless:


If your home has been remodeled – especially if there was asbestos abatement, lead paint removal, or significant dust – your ductwork may need to be cleaned. Ducts should be sealed off during home renovations; but if they weren’t, dangerous dust and debris may become lodged inside the ductwork.


If there’s evidence of animal infestation or nesting in your ducts or HVAC system, have the animals removed then clean the ductwork and HVAC unit.


If there is visible mold growth inside the ductwork, the ducts and HVAC system should be cleaned.


If someone in your family is suffering from an unexplained allergy-related illness, and you’ve taken every other possible step to decontaminate your home, you may want to consider having your ducts cleaned to see if the HVAC system was the culprit.


If noticeable debris, pet hair, odors, or other contaminants are being released into the room through the ducts after the registers have been cleaned and vacuumed; then the ducts may need to be cleaned.

So, it is important to ask yourself, am I doing enough to keep my quality of indoor air fresh and clean? Let us help! By providing you with different solutions for IAQ problems.

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