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If there’s one thing, we Miamians love, it’s our Air Conditioning. Air Conditioning in Miami is an absolute must during our long hot, humid summers. Without it, even simply sleeping can be difficult. That’s why 25 years ago, Air Solution and Repair set out to be the premier air conditioning repair company in Miami, and beyond!

Our AC technicians are highly qualified, experienced, and ready to solve your AC issues. Whether you’re looking for AC installation, AC repair, or simply looking for increased air quality—Air Solution and Repair should be your first call.

When you contact Air Solutions and Repair for your
AC Repair Service in Miami, we will follow the following procedures.

01. Create an account, so we can keep a record of your call.

02. Identify the issue: We might give your quick solutions to your problems that might help your Ac to run again before a technician arrive.

03. Give you an idea of what the problem might be.

04. Schedule a technician, we are a 24-hour own technicians service.

04. Follow up with you to assure satisfaction.

AC Repair in Miami Florida

Usually, an inefficient or broken AC system is a simple fix. Our technicians are the very best at what they do. They can diagnose an issue quickly, getting to the root of the problem with your air conditioning unit—as opposed to slapping a band-aid on it. You deserve breezy, cool, beautiful air conditioning in Coral Miami. And that’s precisely what Air Solution and Repair will deliver!

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