Carrier President’s Award

The Carrier President Award is a very special and exclusive recognition that Carrier gives to their distinguished authorized dealers all across America. This prize is a symbol of leadership and management excellence within the HVAC industry, and this year, Air Solution and Repair has been awarded.

To win the Carrier President Award means to be an example of leadership, business management, customer satisfaction, HVAC expertise, and operational excellence. At Air Solution and Repair we constantly strive to achieve each one of these goals, for our team and our clients. We are constantly investing in new technologies and training to improve our processes and staff experience. Our team’s visionates to innovate our services to our clients, without compromising the quality and professionalism that characterizes our company.

For over a decade, Air Solution and Repair has proudly represented Carrier as Authorized Dealers in South Florida, winning several awards and standing out within the HVAC industry locally. Innovative residential and commercial Solutions, Environmental consciousness, and client satisfaction is what makes Air Solution and Repair the prestigious company that it is today.

As holders of the 2021 Carrier President’s Award, we are more committed than ever; not only with our team and customers, but also with the hvac industry and the hundreds of families who trust in our services and Carrier’s products every year.

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